Contractor Financing

Contractor Financing

  • 120-day terms – contractors pay for materials when they get paid, or up to 120-days.
  • Project-based underwriting – higher approval limits and less restrictive credit requirements
  • Same-day approvals and funding accommodate the needs of commercial contractors
  • Credit terms on multiple projects and purchases at the same time – each purchase gets its own 120-day term
  • No penalty for early payoff
    Get credit terms with any supplier

How It Works

  1. Lender pays Supplier
  2. Supplier ships materials
  3. Contractor makes payments to Lender
  4. Contractor paid for work associated with material purchase
  5. Contractor pays Lender in full

What We Need

Business Application - Click Here 

3 Months Business Bank Statements

Signed Purchase Contract

Materials Invoice

Supplier Payment Date

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