Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing
  • Can fund any type of equipment, including specialized equipment, IT hardware, software, tenant improvements, and other soft costs.
    • Funding amount should be $100K or greater, no maximum.  We have funded single takedown transactions in excess of $100MM.  If the customer has the credit to back the deal, we can address any size.
    • Targeting customers that do at least $10MM in annual revenue (prefer $20MM+).  Again, no maximum.  The largest customer in my personal portfolio does over $70B / year.
    • We request a full financial package on every transaction (last 2-3 years of year-end financials, most recent interim financials).  If financials are audited or reviewed, then we don’t need tax returns.  If they are internal, we ask for tax returns.
    • Startup businesses are typically not a fit, but we can get them funded if they have a parent or sister company, related business, etc. that can serve as a guarantor on the transaction.
    • We work across all industries, though we are currently unable to fund businesses in cannabis.


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